• We will always aim to return your finished track within the estimated turnaround times initially stated, but these are not always guaranteed due to workloads.

  • Our studio working days are Monday to Fridays, excluding UK bank holidays. Any changes to availability are shown on the front page of this website.

  • We require a minimum payment of 50% of the agreed fee to be received before commencing work on a project. We will only send the final WAV files and the stem pack once the balance payment has been received.

  • When the work is approved (we will send an MP3 file for approval) and we have received final balance payment, we will send the final WAV files. We do not send the DAW project files but we provide the artist with a full stem pack which includes midi files.

  • The artist is free to release the track under their artist name but we require a 50/50 split with the artist on the writing credit (for publishing purposes) of the track which we produce and engineer. Please note, this only applies when we are writing/co-writing the musical content of the track. This does not apply if the client provides us with a fully written track which requires additional production and finishing only.

    When the 50/50 split on writing applies, we ask clients to sign a one page writers split agreement form which states the percentage split between writers. We require this to be signed prior to the delivery of the final WAV files and stem pack.

    If you require 100% of the rights to a track, we can do this for a higher production/engineering fee. This can be considered at the quote stage.

  • Record labels may request creative changes or mix down changes to a track, eg. track arrangement changes, lead tweak etc. We are happy to do these changes but may need to charge an additional fee to carry out the extra work. Additional fees will depend on the amount of work involved.